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Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon The new disease have been sweeping through the world for some weeks. Zombies rise from the dead and attack humans. You wake up in your apartment in the city of Riga and turn the radio on. The order has completely collapsed and the streets are not safe. The police and the army will not protect you. There is one last ferry heading out to Iceland from the western shore. You can only rely on yourself now.  Stories from the Outbreak is a turn-based zombie roguelike RPG. Lead a group of survivors from the doomed city of Riga towards the ferry sailing across the North Sea. SEXY GAMES

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon

Scavenge for supplies, fight the zombies, decide the fate of your crew. What are you willing to sacrifice to survive the zombie plague? Hey Folks, If you’re here for an in-depth Look at Indies, You’re in the right place! As for today, I’m going to be taking a gander at the recently released ‘Stories From The Outbreak’ – A strategic turn-based roguelite by Coldwild Games. Admittedly, the game’s still in early access- so there’s feasibly a fair bit that can change, even over the course of their currently estimated 3 months. Still- did the current content leave me feeling like this could become a breakout hit

Form a team of survivors, hoping to escape this hell. Decide the fates of your team members as you go in Stories from the Outbreak.

Anyways, given that this is a first look- I’ll keep this simple. Premise wise- the city of Riga has fallen to a plague known as the New Death. Standard Zombie Apocalypse stuff. Your part of this is to control a random group of survivors, and clear a path through the city in order to reach the last Ferry leaving- provided you can pay the toll. As far as its current execution- it’s decent. The tutorial serves to set the overall mood of the game, and the overarching setting is slowly fleshed out through some well written prose during the events you encounter during a run- which makes them feel a bit more rewarding. Hentai Vs Furries

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon

On a smaller scale, there’s also some collectible notes you can acquire across your various runs- though their relatively bite sized nature mostly makes them feel like flavour. That is, besides the character specific entries. Or, rather, entry.. See- while you do get an unlockable chunk of background story for a character and flavour for the world- it’s specifically tied to a single character- Janis. And requires you to repeatedly, clear out playthroughs using him in order to advance his progress and earn them all. Admittedly, he’s a decent tank- but, yeah

Characters talk between themselves, showing polarization in views. Not every team is going to reach the ferry, but their stories matter.

It’s a bit weird that such a comparatively large amount of lore is locked behind a single character, and none of the others have received a similar amount of attention. Yet. Though, on the subject of nitpicks- I’m actually going to double back to the events. See, while the existing ones -are- fun enough, the actual pool still feels fairly small, to the point that encountering the same one in a given run, possibly even three times- isn’t impossible. And some of them you’ll wind up seeing -quite- frequently. Sure, this means it’s easier to explore all the options- but at the same time, it does make the world feel a bit smaller, both narratively and mechanically. Hentai With Giantess VR

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon

Which- yeah, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this whole thing, shall we? At the end of the day, Stories From the Outbreak is a -very- combat focused roguelite- which sees you entering a near continuous string of turn-based rpg battles. With a, uh, distinct focus on difficulty, since even the most basic of encounters will make a sizable dent on you, if you’re ill prepared. See, while there’s a pretty decent array of characters that you can recruit- the core of your team will always be built around some form of tank- due to the way combat works.

Escape the dying world: traverse the area maps in search of shelter and supplies Fight zombies when necessary: there are 15+ different enemy types in the game.

See, most of your characters’ damage capacity is fairly low- and once you’re past the initial few enemies, you’ll rapidly start to encounter constant formations of beefy enemies. While in and of itself, this would likely be enough to whittle through non tanks armour reserves and into their precious health- it’s then compounded by the focus system. Essentially, whenever an enemy has a turn, they can gain between 1-2 focus- scaling up their damage accordingly. What’s more, every 4 focus they gain provides them a buff, such as major damage upgrades, buffing other enemies, or even adjusting their speed so they can barrage you even harder.

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download

Stories from the Outbreak Free Download Phplemon

Yes, you get focus as well, and even character specific focus buffs- but, without a solid frontline, you can expect to get mulched and -fast-. And hell, even if you do manage to limp through a few fights- the simple fact of the matter is that your recovery options for health feel fairly limited- whether it’s a rare character’s tiny heals, a tile with a healing event – or a day’s rest. And resting isn’t even a guarantee either- since, not only are there limited tiles, it requires a hefty amount of food (especially if you’ve acquired a lot of characters without losing anyone)- and that’s just to break even. Heroes City Superman Edition

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DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 1024 MB available space
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OS: macOS 10.13+
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