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Smart Factory Tycoon Free Download Phplemon

Smart Factory Tycoon Free Download Phplemon is a tycoon management game about running your dream factory with robots, released on Steam for PC and Windows. According to the blurb on the Steam page, the game is inspired by Little Big Workshop. However, since I have never played Little Big Workshop, I can’t comment on the similarities between the two games. A game for fans of simulators with resource management. This is a business development game in which you will produce toys using robots and try to make a profit. Having dealt with the gameplay, the game will turn out to be an exciting and fun pastime. But, as it seems to me, this genre of the game will not go to every player.

Smart Factory Tycoon Free Download Phplemon

  1. Purchase new machinery and unlock advanced machines to produce every type of products in the market. SEXY GAMES
  2. Purchase new robots with varying colors and watch them coming to your factory by different transportation options: balloon, mine cart, boat, parachute, PWC or bus.
  3. Use the skill points to level up your robots (Movement speed, processing speed, charge capacity, oil capacity).
  4. Purchase chargers, super chargers, wireless chargers, and lubricators for your robots rooms.
  5. Upgrade your machines, solar panels, wind turbines, chargers and lubricators for faster production and increased efficiency.
  6. Fully automated machine-maintenance by drones.

Also, I just have to tell you about the excellent graphics and good implementation of a unique idea into a really good game. I can see that the game is really being worked on and there are ongoing updates with improvements and bug fixes, which were not so many even on the first day of release. P.SThe only question is why did I buy the game and play it, but it hasn’t been added to the list of games in my library? Also, will there be collectible cards added to the game so I can craft a badge ? In Smart Factory Tycoon, you must build a successful factory that produces toys for the local market and earn a profit.

The game is fun, especially setting up your factory and strategically thinking out the most efficient layout for your factory.

A couple of things that I could mention which makes this game stand out is the amount of detail that is present in the devices and the products that you produce, if you zoom in you can actually see the products getting painted/assembled, and you can also hear the sounds of robots and the devices operating, it’s pretty cool. Other than that this game offers plenty of content to entertain the player on days on end. After a short tutorial that walks you through the basics of toy production, you are left to get on with it. The tutorial is enough to get you started in the game, and there is a help menu if you get lost later to refer to. Intruder on the Bridge

Purchase high quality raw material to produce healthy and durable products

Purchase high quality raw material to produce healthy and durable products

You start with an empty warehouse shell where you build rooms to store the production machines and a room for your robot workforce to re-charge their batteries and lubricate. As you make lots of different products, you need different machines to make each toy. Next, it’s time to buy a couple of robots for your factory. Each robot has stats for movement speed, processing speed, charge capacity and oil capacity. Of course, the robot with the highest stats will cost the most to buy. However, you can buy robots with lower stats as their stats increase throughout the gameplay.

Smart Factory Tycoon is an enjoyable game.

Once I got through the tutorial, I realize that this game is the definition of time sink. But in the vein of games of this genre, it isn’t too much of a grind in that regard. Getting progress isn’t overly difficult even with the time requirements. Graphically speaking, it’s made well. The simple graphics are actually a good thing as you don’t need overly rich or complicated graphics in a game like this. Music is soft and ambient, if perhaps slightly bland, but acceptable. The time skip mechanic (moving things up to 10x speed) is a welcome mechanic, and you’ll need it. But the nice thing is if you keep it on 1x speed, you can let the game run while you get up to do other things. Indecent Desires The Game

Check the general market categories (Basic-Medium-Master) and Special Orders

Check the general market categories (Basic-Medium-Master) and Special Orders

This is almost an AFK game if you have a really long project you took on in-game. Very slow and casual. The controls took me getting used to: I’m used to ESC key being cancel but this game it’s right-click on the mouse. They keybinds & toolbar are decent and once you get used to it, you get a rhythm. Expanding the factories is just a matter of making money, which if you are a veteran of games of this nature shouldn’t be too hard to do. I did like the differences of road, ship, train & helicopter based factories. Overall though, I feel like this game is made for people that already play these types of games.

It is not a game that would suit every player as when you are short on money there isn’t much to do except watch the robots at work.

While I’m sure new people to resource management can grasp this game fairly well, it definitely feels geared towards people that know what they’re doing. A knock to the game – the tutorial needs to be slightly more robust, and your cost/profit screen should be broken down a little bit better with more detail of what costs what. For $14.99, it seems a fair cost for a game that will take many hours to play through to achieve what will be the endgame for this genre and I really don’t have anything bad to say about the game so recommend it, especially if you are a fan of this style of game.

Increase your health, durability and sustainability levels to be eligible for some products in the market

Increase your health, durability and sustainability levels to be eligible for some products in the market

When the factory is all set up to produce your first toys, it’s time to pick a product from the market to manufacture. There are four market categories: Basic, Medium, Master, and Special Order, though, at the beginning of the game, only Basic and Special Orders are available. The rest of the market categories become available once you have researched them. For example, all the products you find in the Basic tab are relatively simple and easy to produce, such as a plastic duck. Once you have picked the item you wish to produce, considering the profit from the completed product and the fluctuating market where the selling price drops and rises, it’s time to start planning the production process. IXION

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit | Windows 8 64-bit | Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-6100T | AMD FX-6100
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 | AMD Radeon R7-250X
Storage: 500 MB available space
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit | Windows 8 64-bit | Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 | AMD FX-6350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 | AMD Radeon R7-265X
Storage: 500 MB available space


1. Check the in-game settings and see if you can change it there. If not, continue down below. You might have to try and use Google Translate to figure out the in-game menus.

– Steam Games –
2a. Look for an .ini file in the game folder or subfolders. Could be called something like steam_emu.ini, steamconfig.ini, etc., but check all the .ini files. There should be a line for language/nickname that you can edit in notepad. If not, look for a “language” or “account_name” text file that you can edit. (If not in the game folder, try C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ SteamEmu Saves\settings). Save and open the game again.

– GOG Games –
2b. Same steps as Steam games except instead of .ini files, look for .info files

If these steps don’t work, then the files for the language you are looking for might not be included. We only check for English here.

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