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Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon, tells a story about a guy who’s about to go to university. He left his hometown and is now looking for a place where he can live for a couple of weeks, until he finds a suitable flat and finishes his enrollment. Gladly, his childhood friend named Hana lives near the university, and she lets our hero to live in her apartment for a while. But as soon as our hero move to her apartment, he find that she changed a lot – she’s acting arrogantly, doesn’t take him seriously and just seems like a total bitch. But our hero knows how to change that, and he quickly starts to educate her… SEXY GAMES

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon

Roommate Corruption is a short novel about corruption divided into five small episodes – each of them shows a small shift in Hana’s character, until she finally becomes obedient. Live these episodes, spend some time with Hana and show her how to behave. You are moving in with Hana, a childhood friend that you haven’t seen in over ten years. As soon as you arrive Hana makes sure you know that you are an imposition that she is only allowing because her mother begged her to take you in.

The game boasts impressive still renders that showcase Hana from various artistic angles, creating a visually pleasing experience for players.

Good thing you’re only going to be there until you can find an apartment to rent. You start off by setting the name of your character. After that there are very few interactions, a couple pick an object to interact with items, but nothing that really affects the story. The entire story takes place inside the apartment over the course of a week. A short visual novel with a simple but well-written story, where the MC comes to share an apartment with his old childhood friend which he has not seen for years, she has a strict mentality due to much school pressure that causes the MC to gradually “corrupt her” sexually to help her get rid of so much stress. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst HD

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon

The story is completely linear with no decisions to make and much less alternative endings, the quality of the renderings is pretty good, especially in the heroine’s which has a pretty lewd design and impeccable facial expressions. As for the sound, there are several songs for the different scenes that follow decent mind the mood of the situations, but has no sound effects of any kind which takes away immersion to the game.

The level of detail between the main character (MC) and Hana is noticeable and can disrupt the visual cohesion of the game.

The story is very short and makes no sense. You go to live with a childhood friend for a week while you’re looking for an apartment, she’s kind of a bitch because she has to study a lot and you woke her up because you arrived early. Then you just grope her and she’s fine with it. Then you whip your dick out and she’s fine with it and sucks your dick. Then you fuck her and then she fucks you. Then you find an apartment and as you’re about to leave she goes “omg, remember when we were kids and you promised to marry me i love you btw”, so you stay. Feels like the story was randomly generated. Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon

Getting the good out of the way, the game has really nice still renders. The LI (and only other character in the game), Hana, is appropriately beautiful, and you get to see her from every artistic angle. The renders are done well, though perhaps a little oversaturated for that dreamy look, but the lack of animations is really jarring for a modern game. The rest of the game, though? A massive, massive letdown.

The game focuses primarily on brief and explicit sexual encounters, neglecting the opportunity for deeper emotional connections between the characters.

Visually, the difference in detail between the MC and Hana is jarring. I understand most players don’t look for the male MC to be anything more than a generic placeholder, and thankfully this game at least renders his face and stops trying to [poorly] hide his features between ever-more-creative lampshades and lightbulbs. But at the very least the quality of the rest of the renders should extend to the MC. It doesn’t, and the difference in detail between when Hana is the focus of the panel and when the MC is the focus is obvious and takes you out of the art. Noita

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download

Roommate Corruption Video Game Free Download Phplemon

The “story”, if you can call it that, is accelerated and much too short for what it tries to deliver. It’s supposed to be a “corruption” route, but it lacks any corruption. The MC just decides to randomly force his way into her room and gropes her without her permission, and apparently that’s the start and end of it. No build up, no dialogue, nothing to set the table. Not even token protest about getting sexually assaulted before she’s just okay with it. To say this is bad porno writing is generous. You expect more from most gonzos. NBA 2K23

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OS: Windows 7
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