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Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon

Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon For years Toy-Volt had been producing games and toys for children all over the world. Within months of introducing their first products they shot to the top of their trade. However, it appears that the products have gained minds of their own. Escaping from the shelves that held them prisoners they have entered the real world, and are now creating chaos as they enjoy their new found freedom… the Toy-volt R/C cars have Re-Volted! Re-Volt lets you guide one of 28 remote control cars through insane race tracks set in unusual environments. Since the cars are the size of real remote control vehicles, objects found around the track are bigger than life. Curbs become huge walls, toys are obstacles, and everything is fair game to drive on, through, or over. SEXY GAMES

Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon

There are 13 different tracks spread throughout four Cups, including races set in museums, supermarkets, and settings which may look like your own neighborhood. Absolutely. The reason Re-Volt has an active mod community is because it offers an experience different from other kart racers. Realistic RC physics and real-world settings let you race in supermarkets, museums, neighborhoods, and more. The realistic physics also mean it’s easy to spin out on the default setting (Arcade), however there is a slower speed setting (Junior RC) which is great for beginners and makes the physics much easier to deal with. This is an excellent option if you’re new to Re-Volt. Nothing in the genre offers quite the same experience Re-Volt does, and that includes its disappointing spiritual sequel.

Game modes

Single Race – Allows to race against computer opponents for first place. Completing races associated with a cup unlocks additional cars. This game mode is available in multiplayer mode for up to four players to race against each other. Championship – Racing in a cup which consists of four races for points. The higher the rank the more points earned. However failing to finish 3rd place or above will cost a try. If all three tries are used, the championship must be restarted. Obtaining first in a cup unlocks additional levels and cars. Time Trial – This game mode lets the player compete for the fastest lap time in any race that is unlocked. Successfully completing the number of races associated with a cup unlocks additional cars as well as reverse, mirror and reverse mirror variations of tracks. Kayak VR: Mirage 

Re-Volt Free Download

Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon

Practice – Allows to explore tracks with no time limit or other racers. In addition each track features a star to collect. Collecting each star from a track per cup unlocks additional cars. Stunt Arena – A small arena features 20 stars to collect. The arena features a loop, ramps as well as a half pipe with stars that can only be obtained with higher performing cars. Collecting all 20 stars unlocks a game mode. Battle Tag – A multiplayer only mode that features a star hidden in a battle level. Collecting the star counts down a timer for a player. The first person to have their timer reach 0 is the winner. The game continues until the last person fails to collect the star. Clockwork Carnage – Instead of 8 RC cars racing to the finish, its a 30 wind-up car race to the finish in any of the race levels.

gameplay is pretty solid as far as arcade racers go.

The game offers four different speed and realism settings, which govern how fast you can go and how harsh the physics are during each race. On the higher settings, Re-Volt can be extremely challenging, as it becomes remarkably easy to spin out your little car or, worse yet, flip it over to lose precious seconds. The lowest setting offers little relief, since it slaps a speed delimiter on your car but doesn’t seem to slow down your opponents at all once you progress past the first championship circuit. Actually, that seems to be a theme throughout the game, since even when you’re running flat-out with the fastest car available, the computer cars always seem to be able to pass you with ease. The AI also has access to different cars than you do at most points, which doesn’t seem very fair. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Re-Volt Free Download

Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon

Still, if you can grasp the controls, you should be able to stay competitive in Re-Volt after a few races’ worth of practice. If you’re still having trouble, the various power-ups can help even the odds a bit. The optional combat race mode lets you pick up much-needed energy boosts, as well as weapons and other goodies that you can use to take out your opponents. Of course, the AI cars can pick them up as well, so many races end up resembling high-speed mini-deathmatches. As you compete, you’ll find that one extremely annoying problem with Re-Volt is the lack of a basic save game feature. True, your progress is recorded after you complete a championship circuit, and each circuit is typically only three or four races in length. But the developers should have recognized the fact that not all players can sit down and race through four tracks at a time every time they play the game.

Cars stand for any vehicle installed or made for Re-Volt.

According to the theme of the game, these vehicles are mostly toys controlled by a radio-frequency link (R/C or Radio-controlled) and are much smaller than common vehicles used to transport humans. Cars are selected at the car selection screen after the player’s name is entered at the Name Wheel, or during a play mode with the CHANGELING cheat code. They’re stored in white rectangular boxes placed at the Frontend when they’re not in use. Each car has an illustrative representation of their appearance at the box front commonly called box art, or carbox due to the bitmap file they’re usually stored in the game’s data folder (carbox1.bmp, carbox2.bmp and carbox3.bmp). Cars are driven at the virtual places called tracks or levels. Redout 2

Re-Volt Free Download

Re-Volt Free Download Phplemon

At the beginning of play mode, they’re placed at the track’s start grid and usually organized in two rows, or dispersed in the case of Lego tracks. During competitive play modes as the Single Race or the Championship, they have the ability to collect pickups through the level and use weapons against their opponents or for own benefit. Cars can be controlled by real players or by the CPU (artificial intelligence). Saving mid-race would be ludicrous, but saving after each race should have been a no-brainer. RC Revenge. It’s considered by many to be the best RC racing game ever made, and it is my favorite kart racing game of all time. The readable parts of cars sum a total of 12 types of files. They consists mostly of bitmap and mesh files (.prm), all defined by the cars’ main file, the Parameters.txt.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c and 256 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 318 MB available space

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