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Game: FAR: Changing Tides Free Download Free Download

FAR: Changing Tides Free Download Phplemon

FAR: Changing Tides  Free Download Phplemon An atmospheric vehicle adventure that follows the emotional journey of a boy and his ship as he embarks on a voyage to find a new home. Sail stormy waters, dive unknown depths, and explore forgotten ruins in a beautifully realised, flooded world. AN ALL-NEW COMPANION TITLE Expanding on the desolate setting seen in FAR: Lone Sails, Changing Tides swaps sun scorched, dusty planes for stormy skies and high seas. With new environments, puzzles and ship mechanics, the world of FAR: Changing Tides brings an exciting experience to fans of this beloved series and new players alike with a bigger, deeper challenge Overcome the elements as new protagonist, Toe, who awakens to find themselves alone, stranded in a flooded world. Phplemon.com SEXY GAMES

FAR Changing Tides Free Download Phplemon

What once was home is transformed into an unfamiliar and sometimes hostile environment. You must navigate Toe on an adventure to traverse the ruins of a once great society in search of a new beginning. Experience the thrill of captaining a distinctive seafaring vessel. Together you’ll brave high seas, navigate intense storms, and plumb the perils of a briny deep. Along the way, you’ll need to keep things functioning by unlocking parts, fixing faults and searching the watery depths for precious fuel and salvage. The farther you travel, the more you’ll learn about your ship’s fascinating complexities.  FAR: Changing Tides’ moments of peril and intrigue are delivered by environmental dangers and puzzles to overcome.


A dynamic soundtrack reacts to player and environmental actions, amplifying key moments in the game and heightening the atmosphere, meaning pulse pounding crescendos, serene moments of reflection and everything in between are created by, rather than scripted for, the player.but these feed into the solitary, almost meditative approach to gameplay. Captaining your extraordinary ship, raise the mast, hoist and angle the sails, light the furnace and more as you learn to sail the ocean while mourning the loss of your home. Shares the same setting of its predecessor, Lone Sails; a world devastated by massive floods, that rendered massive swathes of land uninhabitable or submerged them fully. Barely anyone is left alive: one of such lucky (or perhaps, unlucky) NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

FAR Changing Tides Free Download

FAR Changing Tides Free Download Phplemon

survivors is the unnamed protagonist, a young boy that finds himself in the middle of the apocalypse. Be it by chance or fate, he manages to reactivate an old sail-powered vessel, to sail away in search of other survivors and less devastated areas, starting a journey that, indeed, will bring him far, and have him see many of the Old World’s remains. Without any dialogue or text, only indirect and environmental narration types are used to convey the setting’s lore. In many places it is possible to see finely intricate details that may shed some light on the past, however none of them is groundbreaking at any point, leaving much of the story up to the players’ interpretation. This narrative style works well enough.  however the story events also feel forced at times.

Sailing into the Unknown

Initially, the refurbished ship won’t be much more than a bucket of bolts with a torn sail as only means of motion. You’ll have to use the incorporated control gears to hoist the sail, raise the mast, and change the axis’ direction to catch the wind, which changes direction constantly. This gives some much-needed interaction to what, otherwise, would be a bland, insipid journey across vast masses of water. Obstacles like bridges or ruins may damage the mast, so you’ll have to be quick in lowering it before a collision happens – and if it comes to it, repair kits can be sparingly found around most locations to fix the damage, each of them usable up to six times. As the journey goes on, the ship will be equipped with new modules such as a steam engine that requires fuel. Instruments of Destruction

FAR Changing Tides Free Download

FAR Changing Tides Free Download Phplemon

in turn manually scavenged from around the world (often underwater), a submarine propeller to navigate underwater caves, and even an ancient energy device capable of powerful bursts of speed. As all these elements are introduced, the micro-management becomes more complex: the engine will overheat, so man the water pump to cool it down – but that will also be used to lower / raise the submarine module’s depth, while the bellows of the engine need constant pushing to stoke the fire. If this all sounds overwhelming, well, it really isn’t; the general pacing of the game is slow and there is ample room for mistakes if they ever happen, while repair kits are plentiful unless you literally wreck your ship systems every two minutes.

Old World’s Legacy

In-between travels through vast oceans, you’ll encounter more than a few remnants of the days past, in the form of buildings and decaying infrastructure. Pretty much every time, these places will include puzzles to solve in order to clear a path for the boat, or upgrade its modules to proceed all the same. Such instances are also used as a narrative medium, to showcase murals, writings and or remains that can be interpreted to shed some light on the story – albeit, that won’t do much good, as the events remain obscure in any case. While these enigmas prove interesting and a good change of pace, they aren’t a great challenge to overcome, and rather short in general. Similar to the first Far game you manage your ship. Dictators No Peace Countryballs

FAR Changing Tides Free Download

FAR Changing Tides Free Download Phplemon

burn fuel, set sail and more in a distopian steampunk world with a playtime of 2.5 hours  Gameplay was improved with smoother mechanics and good new ideas. The upgrades don’t just make your life easier, but each add another aspect to the game, which is an improvement from the first game. Storywise it sadly did not deliver as good of an atmosphere like with the subtle background views in the first game. Though I have to say, it did not dissapoint, and left me satisfied in the end, even if not with that sense of awe and sorrow like in the first game. I do not feel a want for another game, which I interpret as it being a good round end of the story. Having just finished the game, I can say without a doubt that FAR: Changing Tides is one of my favourite indie games of all time.

Add-ons (DLC): 

FAR Universe Bundle Deluxe Edition
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
Processor: Intel Pentium G4500 or AMD FX-4350
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or Radeon R7 370, 2 GB
Storage: 4 GB available space
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-8350K or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060, 6 GB or Radeon RX 5500 XT, 4 GB
Storage: 4 GB available space

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