Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Free Download

Game: Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Free Download Free Download

Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon

Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon Cultivation Story: Reincarnation is a top-down pixel art-style action roguelike game. The game’s plot and settings are mainly based on Chinese mythology and Chinese cultivation. Hundreds of items and various combinations! More than 200 upgrades consist of cultivation methods, techniques, weapons, skills, and Fabaos. Acquiring specific upgrades activates powerful combination effects, with up to 50 different combinations, the possibilities are endless! The path forward is full of uncertainty and surprises! Encounter random events and interact with various NPCs. To steal and rob, or be kind and help others? The choice is yours! this is genuinely good! havent played enough to know how much depth there truly is, but the fundamental gameplay is fun; there’s enough systems to make each run different and interesting. SEXY GAMES

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon

i did a few runs before figuring out the metaprogression, that’s the Soul Lantern you get, the purple points are spent on that. good controller support – very fun with controller. lots of dashing and big hits. Its a very good rogue lite that, filled with a lot of chinese mythology references. If you’re a fan of manwhas, wuxias and the like, this is the game for you. The art style is great and lends a deceivingly cute and simplistic feel to gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, though the first few runs might feel overwhelming, just like in any other roguelites and roguelikes, once you start to get a feel for it, it becomes very fun and exciting. When the combos and synergies start kicking in, you’ll know you’ve done something right. but as you unlock new weapons and techniques the game quickly picks up pace. There is never a time where you feel stagnant.

there is always something that you can unlock or improve on the island that could make your next run even more satisfying.

Also the game lends itself to replay ability, but also allows the player to set soul-bound items that have a higher chance of spawning even run, meaning if the player likes a certain combo they won’t have from the start but look forward to hopefully earning the drop. Each run is different from start to finish, but obviously humans are creatures of habit, my personal favorite skill is one that has no damaging ability but instead shrouds the player in a shield giving them immunity to damage and i instead focus my strength towards my normal attacks. To create an infinite difficulty mode, such as infinite rooms. The deeper you go, the higher the difficulty, and then you can challenge who can climb to the deepest point. It is similar to POE mining, or the difficulty is infinite. Optional, now it is difficulty 7, you can let players customize a difficulty, and then start playing, such as difficulty 100,. Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon

how much monster HP and attack increase, etc., this is challenging Gameplay is hack & slash roguelite, third person top view. Our hero finds himself in a house on a floating island. Here we have access to the choice of the gender of the character (male and female), as well as various reference materials (almost all are closed at first). On the lawn in front of the entrance to the building is a portal. We go there and get into the first dungeon. The dungeons in this game are a set of randomly generated rooms that you can go through all or just need to get to the boss. If you win, you are transferred to a new one. There is always a merchant and an enchanter in front of the boss room. They trade for souls, which we knock out from enemies, some breakable objects, or when selling gear on a level.

There are five upgrade trees, two of which are hidden.

You can often get a variety of weapons. You can only carry one. Each specific gun must be determined separately, sometimes the effectiveness of the weapon is not obvious. Unnecessary guns can be sold for souls. There is an active spell slot. Initially, it is empty, but as the game progresses, books are obtained that can be used in two ways: take it with the help of the interaction button and then we get an active skill. you can read the spell book and then we get a small increase in stats, but we don’t get the skill While running through the levels, the hero is pumped in the form of temporary improvements received. The same development occurs when the character level increases. For defeating the enemies in the room, we are often rewarded with a chest. There may be a weapon or some kind of power-up Sometimes there are random significant objects in the level. Jianghu 11

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon

For example, some kind of portal or a magical plant. Sooner or later, a loss comes and then we return to the floating island. Here we develop the hero on an ongoing basis. To do this, you need to knock out the forge of souls in the very first dungeon and special coins mined in locations will be spent in it. In addition, the hero collects passive perks (I think everything is clear with them) and special elemental Qi stones – they enhance the blows and skills of the corresponding elements. Simple but nice graphics Excellent music and soundtrack. Separately, I want to praise the beautiful music.  Good hero development systems, temporary within races and global between them. Many types of enemies that actively attack. There are powerful bosses. Many types of skills and equipment. Weapons, skills, souls, Qi stones, pumping inside the race – are reset to zero upon death.

Enemies are a set of various ordinary units, elites and bosses. The boss is located in each “last” (you can come to him without fully exploring the dungeon) room of any dungeon.

The pixel RPG style of painting, the arrangement of buildings and trees makes people feel very comfortable. There will be bottles, cans, bushes, etc. in the random scene that can be smashed and cleared. The scene feedback effect is good, and the initial base looks like It is our sect, you can choose a character in the yin and yang realm, choose the initial mental method after unlocking all the mental methods, and strengthen the primordial spirit at the soul lamp, which is what we often call the talent skill tree, which will become more powerful in the subsequent reincarnation. powerful. Starting from the teleportation array is a common random dungeon-style gameplay in roguelike themes. We will choose three introductory methods with different auras as a starting point, and start to choose to move in a scene similar to a square dungeon, clear the enemies in the dungeon THE WORLD OF KONG FU 

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Free Download Phplemon

obtain treasure chests. Weapons, repairs and other random props and resources, choose the upgraded spell rewards. to experience The meat pigeon game based on the mythical story theme seems simple, but for the combination of the five elements and the use of weapons, a certain combination is actually required. Various weapons have different attributes, such as attack power 50, physical attack And it has a special 15% probability of causing a fatal blow multiplied by 8 times, and the basic physical attack increases by 16%. It seems that the attributes are better than Tang Dao. Just replaced the Crescent Knife, of course, remember to sell the unused weapons! In addition to weapons, there are also passive cheats and spells in the game, such as bloodthirsty blade, spiritual power training, etc.

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Steam Sub 754690
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: 2.50GHZ
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space

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