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This Weeks Weight

Click On the 'This Weeks Weight' link and enter your weekly weight.

Food Diary

You can use the 'Food Diary' link to keep a log of all the foods you eat daily as part of your diet.

Weight Loss Graph

The 'Weight Loss Graph' feature uses the weights you enter weekly and creates a graph to show your progress over time and throughout your diet.

Printable Chart

The 'Printable Chart' feature is a way of giving yourself motivation to keep on your diet and to reach your goal. The way it works is that, every week when you update the 'This Weeks Weight' feature, the 'Printable Chart' is updated automatically. The 'Printable Chart' is made up of many little squares and each square represents one Pound in weight. As you lose weight, pound by pound the chart is updated. Each square changes colour, and you can then print this chart out to show yourself whenever you want how well you are doing.

Photo Updates

Click on the 'Photo Updates' to give yourself a visual view on your progress throughout your diet. Actually see the pounds dropping off you. All you do is upload a photo at random points throughout your diet with your current weight and the date of the photo, and then photo will then be presented on a single page gallery for you to look at along with all the other photos of your throughout your diet.

Stats Page

Get interesting Stats on your weight loss.