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Promoting Your New “Ad Network”

AdBrite Clone PHP Script - AdQuick

So you’ve just got your new copy of “AdQuick” and installed it onto your server. You might now think, what next?

This quick guide will give you some quick tips on how to promote your new website on a small to medium sized budget and then we will show you how to get new advertisers and publishers interested in using your new ad network.

Promoting Your New Ad Network

The first thing you need to look at when it comes to promoting your new ad network is your budget. If you have a budget of hundred of thousands of dollars, its very easy for you to go out and hire an advertising agency and get them to do all the hard work for you, but for most new start-ups, these kind of big budgets aren’t the case.

I have listed 8 ways below on how you can promote your new website on a small to medium sized budget.

  1. Google Adwords - Create a few ad campaigns and set your budgets and get your website seen by many people very quickly. Also, you could try targeting certain websites that are related to your own ad network.
  2. Webmaster Related Forums – Use forums such as, Digital Point, Sitepoint and Namepros, and make sure you get your website listed in your signatures. Dont spam the forums with new threads such as “Visit My New Website Now”, as you will lose all respect on the forum and in turn you will receive no visitors to your website from these forums. Just get involved in discussions that you have knowledge of, people will notice your signatures, and you will be surprised how much traffic you get this way, plus its free.
  3. Mailing List – Before you launch your website, make sure you have an email sign up form on your website, so that you can collect email address’ from people who are interested in your website. Then as soon as you have launched, you can send out an email to these people. You can then continue to build up this email list for any future email bulletins you may send out.
  4. Targeted Banner Ads – You should target blogs and website that relate to your kind of website, and contact them direct and see if they have any advertising packages available. Make sure you check out things like number of RSS subscribers that the blog has, as there is no point advertising on a blog or website that only has a couple of visitors every day.
  5. Social Networking – Use tools like twitter, digg, delicious and reddit, to promote news worthy stories such as the launch of your new website.
  6. Create a Blog – Use a blog to write articles and guides, which will in turn be indexed by search engines which will generate a lot of organic traffic direct from search engines. You could also submit these articles and guides to the social networking websites seen in point 5 above.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – I am no expert in SEO, but if you can get this right, this is like gold. There are many guides online on how to optimize your website so that the search engines will pick you up quicker, so I advise you to take some time to look into this. The main AdQuick file you will want to edit for this is the master_page.tpl file in the templates folder.
  8. Paid Blog Posts – Bloggers will usually write a post on their blog if you pay them, and this can be a great way of targeting the exact kind of people you want to use your website. First of all, you need to find a blog that is targeting your market, and then you need to check out their stats. Have a look to see how many RSS subscribers they have, and this will give you an idea on how many people will see your paid blog post.

Getting Advertisers and Publishers Interested In Using Your Ad Network

You’ve now got your advertising campaign under way, and people are starting to visit your website, but now you need to make sure that those users actually sign up and start using your website.

First of all, you could offer something like, the first 20 advertisers who sign up for your website will get a free $5 credit to their account. Of course, this amount could be anything you choose. One thing to remember aswell, is as part of your advertising campaign, make sure you let people know that this special offer is happening. Everyone loves something for free.

Next, you need publishers, and again you can offer the first 20 or so publishers who sign up a special offer “Pay Rate”. When I say “Pay Rate”, this is the percentage they will take from every ad sold through your ad network. For example, you default rate may be 75%, but you might offer the first 20 publishers to sign up a rate of 90%.


This guide is just the beginning for your new website, and I advise you to read as many online guides and forums to get as many tips as you can. Everywhere you look, someone will have something new to advise and this can only be a good thing for your new ad network using the “AdQuick” software.

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Posted: February 20th, 2009 by Phil - Follow phplemon on Twitter